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‘The Legal Stage’ is an artist-run performance programme in the former Lambeth County Courthouse in Kennington, London. 


 The Legal Stage I presented five live works in the courtrooms from artists Liv Fontaine, William Joys, Deniz Ünal, Philip Ewe and Bernard Walsh. 


Deniz Ünal 'Characters of Control' (2017), Almanac, London

© Tom Hall


 ‘The Legal Stage’ is a not-for-profit live programme initiated by London based artist Philip Ewe in the former Lambeth County Courthouses in Kennington, generously supported by ASC Studios.


In an arts landscape that is struggling with funding cuts and amid a cost of living crisis we’ve instigated an ethical artist-led framework without any funding.  Based in risky, ephemeral and traditionally un-commercial live work whilst keeping the event open to all.


All money received from 'Pay What You Can' tickets will be put  towards the selected artists, crew and the next event - we’re self-initiated so every penny is appreciated!

s21 4.jpg

Liv Fontaine 'Supernormal' (2019),

© the artist

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 02.18.51.png

Bernard Walsh © the artist


Philip Ewe 'My mind is a stage the world is a cage' (2020),

George Wood Theatre, London © Tom Hall

William Joys 'Masterclass' (2021),

Part of the HUBRIS programme curated by Civic Room ,

Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Art

Errol McGlashan

Errol McGlashan is a poet, writer and performer. In his one man show ‘Something To Take Off The Edge’, McGlashan brings together his electric sensibility for words, wit and storytelling.  Inspired by true events and boundless in his delivery, ‘Something To Take Off The Edge’ is McGlashan’s ambitious fictional account of prison, drugs and friendship.


Errol McGlashan's work has appeared at the Royal Court and across London's spoken word scene. He has collaborated with artist Andrea Luka Zimmerman and theatre-maker Adrian Jackson as part of ‘Here for Life’ (2019) commissioned and produced by Artangel.


The 19.00 show will be filmed by Therese Henningsen and audience may be on camera.

**BRING CASH** The bar will serve drinks and accept donations.

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